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Some 250 million years ago (give or take 50 or 100 million years) oxygen and silica enriched solutions were subjected to conditions of extremely high heat and pressure, resulting in the formation of quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are (SiO4) trigonal (α-quartz) or hexagonal (β-quartz) structures of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and appear in many forms and varieties. They can be single six sided prisms capped with a six sided pyramid on one or both ends. More often though, they are inter-grown with adjacent crystals of quartz or other minerals as to only show part of this shape, or lacking obvious crystal facets altogether, may appear to be massed together.


Quartz crystals, sometimes called rock crystals, may be as clear and colorless as pure water. Otherwise, if tiny air bubbles and/or moisture were present during the formation process, they may be translucent, cloudy, milky, or opaque in appearance. All of the preceding four categories are known collectively as ‘clear’ crystals.











Inclusions of other minerals when the crystals were formed, may impart distinctive metaphysical properties and a wide diversity of colors to the crystals.  Some quartz crystals are named according to their color such as: Amethyst – purple; Citrine – yellow to greenish or reddish yellow to brown; Milky Quartz – white; Smoky Quartz – brown to gray; Vermarine – mint green, and so forth.


Crystals are piezoelectric (pie-EE-zoh-electric). When a crystal is squeezed, it emits a little bit of electricity. If you slice the crystal at certain angles and then squeeze it, it pulses at different frequencies. We sense these vibrations because quartz crystal actually does have a pulse.












Silicon is the dominant mineral in quartz crystal, and you will find crystals on every continent on earth. Even though these crystals may be quite common, many of these stones are noted for having a very high vibration. This makes them particularly useful in the arts of Holistic Healing. High vibration quartz healing crystals may be found in many areas of the world, but the best ones come from Brazil, Madagascar and especially the Arkansas region in the USA.


During their creation, some clusters of high vibration quartz crystals are formed into ‘nuggets’ of various sizes and shapes. The Crystal King™ calls these amazing creations Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets. Although some QUCCNs are white, most of them may be capped, tinged, banded, streaked, or footed in various shades of light to dark brown, reddish brown, yellow, etc. Most QUCCNs have a matte (dull and slightly rough) texture.


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