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Crystal King Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets

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Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets (QUCCNs) are popular and easy to acquire. The strong amplifying qualities of QUCCNs make them particularly desirable and beneficial for your personal use.


Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH) recommends that you keep a Quartz Crystal Cluster Nugget on or about your person at all times. QUCCNs have strong amplification properties. Each one is loaded with multiple energy points and each point radiates energy continually to the surrounding area. Thus, by staying in close proximity to QUCCNs, you remain bathed in peaceful, relaxing, cleansing, healing energy at all times.


The power of QUCCNs may also help you to improve your physical senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) and assist you to develop the Higher Faculties of your Mind, as well. The Higher Faculties of Your Mind include (but are not limited to) Perception, Intuition, Imagination, Memory, Will, Reason, Logic, and Clairvoyance. Please refer to the

BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM  for more information on developing the Higher Faculties of your Mind.


Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets make very strong connections with the higher realms and their amplifying properties make QUCCNs especially beneficial as an adjunct to prayer and meditation. Meditating with QUCCNs is very helpful, as they will readily aid you to reach the higher spiritual realms with ease.


QUCCNs aid spiritual growth by resonating strongly within the higher chakras. They may also be utilized as part of inner child healing meditations


Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets are highly programmable. You can readily bond positive affirmations with the stones to aid you in so many different ways. This is a great way to customize and give a boost to your program for personal progress, growth and development.


Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets continually emanate a wonderfully, powerful energy. As such, QUCCNs can be an impressive tool for healing the self and others. Although it may require no further effort on your part than to keep them close to you, QUCCNs do have the potential to amplify the thoughts of the person who uses them.


Keeping QUCCNs in close proximity to your body may also aid you to think more clearly and to help you to use your thoughts more productively.


If you are a healer, you may use the effective energy of QUCCNs to generate strong, responsive therapeutic results of a higher magnitude.


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