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Cluster Nugget Healing Part 2

Crystal King Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets

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Crystal King™ Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets (QUCCNs) may boost your healing capacity and help heal your environment, too.


Quartz Crystal Cluster Nugget self-healing is popular and is so easy to do. It can be done by anyone who chooses to acquire some of these beautiful nuggets for their personal or professional use. QUCCNs have excellent healing properties and are convenient and beneficial to use in any room, car, school, office, etc. Keep a cluster nearby at all times to boost overall health and aid your healing processes.

Strategically placing Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets in a room will improve its atmosphere and will send exquisite healing vibrations throughout any area of your home, office, or business.


It is easy to start to use Crystal King™ Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets. Simply position a nugget in any room where you are likely to remain or pass by it frequently. This will assist you to create an improved level of health and spirituality in both you and your environment.


Affirmations are statements which have an important role in the Eternal Progression of Advancing individuals. They are written in the first person and reflect values and blessings which are requested from the Cosmos by the intended recipient(s).


Affirmations speak in a manner as if the requested attribute or blessing has already been received. They always include expressions of gratitude for having receiving that which is requested.


To increase your flow of natural spirituality and enhance the progressive attainment of your worthy goals and ideals, Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH) encourages you to use QUCCNs in your daily crystal affirmation and meditation sessions.


Please be aware that your affirmations MUST be worded in a specific manner or they might ‘backfire’ and produce unwanted and/or counterproductive results.


CETHH has prepared more than 150 statements of affirmation which are nestled under fourteen specific topics. Please   become thoroughly acquainted with and use all of these affirmations before attempting to write personal affirmations of your own.

For more information on affirmations, please refer to EMOTIONAL HEALING.    



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