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Clearing and Programing QUCCNs

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Clearing and Programming QUCCNs




Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets are uniquely composed of multiple types of crystalline structures. It is supposed that each type vibrates at its natural resonant frequency.

It is not yet clear whether QUCCNs vibrate at multiple frequencies simultaneously, producing an uninterrupted flow of multi-level energy emissions – or if the multiple vibratory rates cancel each other out and the crystal vibrates at a single resonant frequency, producing an uninterrupted flow of single-level energy emissions.


In either case scenario, QUCCNs do their job of vibrating very well. QUCCNs have strong vibrational amplification properties and each ‘nugget’ is loaded with multiple energy points (antennae). Each point or antenna radiates amplified energy continually to the surrounding area.


Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets are bio-intelligent and may be programmed to aid you to create a specific outcome which may benefit you and/or others. Before programming commences, however, all prior programming and/or ‘clutter’ must be cleared. This may be done by one of several methods such as:

Energy Transmutation

Vocal Toning 

Sound Acoustics




After cleansing and clearing your Quartz Crystal Cluster Nugget, programming may begin.


Since clusters have so many points, each point will resonate energy into the area where it is located. Programming imprints certain information on the QUCCN, which, in turn, resonates and makes a connection with whatever you call Universal Intelligence (God, Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Odin, Thor,  Lord . . . )


This can be done by sitting with your QUCCN and programming (imprinting) it to send a specific message into the Universe by firmly declaring your well-thought-out, productive affirmation with dedication, purpose, and with real intent - and/or saying a productive prayer which contains the affirmation.


Here are some Examples of Productive Affirmations: ‘The progressive path I follow leads to deeper joy and emotional fulfillment.’ or . . . ‘My joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment - my success - lies in the progressive realization of my worthy ideal.’


Harnessing the amazing energy of Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets is a powerful way for you to reap the reward(s) you attach to your productive affirmations.